Secure Document Exchange – How Secure Document Exchange Can Benefit Your Business

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Secure Document Exchange (SDE) is a vital tool for businesses who need to transfer sensitive information. Sharing files via email could expose companies to a range of security dangers. This includes financial records as well as customer data intellectual property, future business plans.

Secure document exchange solutions can help eliminate the risks, and enhance the overall experience for your clients and employees. It is an extremely powerful tool that lets users to upload, share and even approve documents to anyone at any time any time, from anywhere.

Thru’s secure document exchange platform is relied upon by more than 90,000 users across a range of industries to collaborate securely and productively. We make sure that our solutions are compliant with all regulations and provide the highest levels of security. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your information is secure at all times. We also allow users to choose to UNshare (revoke access to files) at anytime, even after a file has been downloaded to the client device, giving you total control over your data.

Secure document exchange tools can reduce the number of manual processes within your workflow, and save your teams significant amounts of time. For instance, a straightforward process such as sending a completed document for signatures can be saved automatically into the correct folder within your client portal, avoiding the need to take manual action by any team member. This is particularly useful for utility providers who often require monthly statements and proof of identity. Automating these types of approvals can accelerate the process and enable services to be established or cancelled quicker, which can improve the customer journey and increase efficiency for all.

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